Christoph Feichtenschlager

” When you do not shoot, however, you will miss the goal!” (Otto v. Habsburg ,  1912-2011, EU parliamentarian)

International Business Angel, born 1965, Master of Commercial Sciences at WU Vienna. Senior positions in the CA Investment Bank, at the renowned Management Centre St. Gallen in Switzerland, in the aluminium industry of the Middle East, in 2014 and 2015 responsible for the area of New Business Fields and Spin-off Management at Swarovski and from 2015 to 2017 member of the Investment Committee at the IECT of Hermann Hauser.

He has international experience from the USA to Germany to Eastern Europe and the Middle East, is anchored in international investor and expert networks and accepts consulting mandates and interim operational management positions. Long-time member of the Licensing  Executives  Society (LES). As a member of the Impact Hub network, he particularly supports projects that drive positive social and environmental development.

Expert in corporate strategy, market entry and growth strategies, marketing and sales development, business & finance planning, capital acquisition and due diligence procedures, as well as strategic IP protection, especially in the digital sector. Specialization in investments in companies operating in health-, medical- or environmental technology (HealthTec,  GreenTec).

And by the way:

  • A few laps in the Xbow, Ferrari or on a Kawasaki around the Red Bull Ring takes my blood pressure on an exciting level

  • Wine & Cuisine stimulates inventiveness and relaxation, but also boosts weight (Rotary Wine Association)

  • Pro Bono Engagement in Education, Disaster Recovery and Civil Rights Are Important parts of my active life (Impact Hub Network, Shelter Box)

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  • Business Angeling

  • Investment management

  • Acquisition of funds

  • Due Diligence

  • Market entry and growth strategy

  • Social Impact

  • Digital business models

  • Digitization vs. digitization – the most important unknown difference!

  • Strategic budgeting and controlling

  • Leadership assessments

  • Top-Management Coaching

  • Seminars (e.g. “Due Dilgence for Start Ups”, “Lessons Learnt: Start-up, Entry and Growth Strategies”…)

  • works in German, English, French and Spanish


  • Investment management and business angel growth companies

  • Best 360° feedback assessment at Swarovski

  • Director of innovations in various industries

  • Business Development in the Aluminium Industry

  • Chief Financial Officer in the machinery and metal construction industry

  • Managing partner in the metal and construction industry

  • MZSG: Senior Consultant for Strategy, Organization and Project Management, first digital business models

  • Investment Banking: company valuation and M&A

  • Development of IT systems in the banking sector

  • Studies of Commercial Sciences and System Theory at WU Vienna

Project Experience

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Aluminium industry

  • Environment

  • Agriculture and forestry

  • Aerospace

  • Defence industry

  • Glass and artificial gemstone production

  • Quantum Technologies

  • Artificial intelligence