Dr. Bernhard Sterchi

Pragmatic leadership in a complex world 

For over 20 years, Bernhard Sterchi has been helping managers and teams face the increasing complexity and speed of change in their environment by creating the conditions for more independent and consistent behavior of their employees and thus for an agile and fast organization. As a trainer, consultant and coach, or sometimes more precisely as a thought sorter and minder of opportunities, he accompanies essential transformations of personal and institutional maturity. 

Building on the system-oriented understanding of management, he has developed a number of instruments for this purpose, in particular for the alignment around a common understanding of leadership (strategic storyline), and for practice- and consulting-based training programs for managers (Leadership Lab). He has developed specific training concepts for agile and complexity-oriented leadership (Amber Compass) as well as for the promotion of indirect leadership (Oblique Strategies for Managers). 

And by the way:

  • There is nothing he cannot express in a metaphor or an image  

  • He also writes fairytales for leaders (www.theleadersfairytales.com) and assumes that stories have a life of their own 

  • In perfecting the English Mixed Border he experiences the fluid dynamics of complex systems 

  • He admires the beauty of classic automobiles 

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  • Also works in Italian and French (each over 300 days of training experience) 

  • Integrates personal and institutional aspects of leadership (coaching, team coaching, consulting) 

  • Pragmatic, undogmatic approaches to digitalizationagilization, self-organization and purpose orientation in organizational development 

  • Management training with fundamentally new instruments for dealing with complexity 

  • Organization of sound peer consulting projects  

  • Many keynotes in the Agile Community


  • Single external partner for the integrated leadership coaching and organizational development of an electronics distributor with 5,000 employees worldwide 

  • Account manager and lead trainer for the flagship leadership programs in an ICT company with 20,000 employees 

  • Management of all HR projects in an insurance company 

  • Support for global succession planning 

  • Ph.D. in Historical Anthropology 

Project experiences

  • ABB

  • Ariane Group

  • Allianz Versicherungen

  • Axpo

  • Baloise

  • Bedag

  • Chocolat Frey

  • Cornercard

  • Energie 360°

  • Fercam

  • Future Electronics

  • Greater Zurich Area

  • LocalSearch

  • Medicover

  • Postfinance

  • Ratiopharm

  • Roche

  • Seco Tools

  • Sparkassen Dienstleistungsgesellschaft

  • Swisscom

  • UniCredit

  • Zürcher Kantonalbank

  • and many more