Management Experts St. Gallen

We are an association of independent and highly experienced specialists convinced that, by pooling our strengths, we can develop and offer even better and more comprehensive solutions for our customers. It is the results that our customers achieve, with our support, that gives us our drive and motivation. Over the years, we have found that the best ideas and recommendations arise in agile collaboration between the key people in your organization and our experts; not on a conceptual drawing board.

Problems and Solutions

We have no standardised solutions for the common problems. We work with you to develop the right answers to your pressing questions and challenges. We don’t see ourselves as external consultants who tell you all the things you could or should do. We always take a collaborative approach to our work.

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Who we are

The Management Experts St. Gallen MESG® is an association of independent, successful consultants, trainers and coaches. What connects us is many years of experience at the Management Zentrum St. Gallen and our roots in a comprehensive, systems-oriented understanding of management.

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