We do not have a solution for your problem!

In any event, we do not have any finalised solutions in the drawer. We work with you to develop the right answers to your pressing questions and challenges. We don’t see ourselves as typical business consultants who tell you what you could or should do. Rather, we see ourselves as trustworthy partners who help you understand the challenge and recognize the actual causes behind the symptoms you are seeing. Our aim is to identify the really relevant problems and then not only to solve them, but to dissolve them, eradicate them from the company. We do this independently of “management fashions” and based on our extensive know-how and wide range of methods and tools. We don’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. We take the knowledge and ideas that already exist in your company and develop your organisation´s ability to act and implement.

We combine consultancy, workshops, training and coaching to create effective and sustainable solutions for you: 

Would you like a “test drive” with us? 

Use our fast, high-impact formats! Depending on the format, we will come to you or you to us … 

  • Concentrated MESG expertise to solve your problem in two days 
  • suitable for «fuzzy» and «messy» problems 
  • suitable for complex problems that can only be solved holistically 
  • 1-3 days: Do you really want to get to know a certain management topic together with your management team? Do you want to critically examine its applicability in your organization with experts before you roll out training courses on a broad basis? We are experts in making things understandable, exciting and compact …
  • Agility check with feedback and evaluation, via questionnaire or as an interactive workshop with solutions 
  • Know-how: systemic approaches for more agility – why «Scrum & Co.» is often not enough
  • 1 day holistic system analysis – where do we stand, where do we have to go? 
  • Understand the interdependencies of your organization 
  • Setting priorities: What do we have to do to get our system moving? 
  • Your Change isn’t making progress? Find the right levers with us! 

You have an internally developed concept in mind or one suggested by external consultants, but are not sure it is right or do not have a good feeling about it? We are available for a second opinion!