Dr. Claus Knoth

Looking into the future and acting strategically

Claus has been dealing with strategic issues and helping companies and organizations think about their futures for over 30 years. For him, strategy work is primarily a communication process within an organization in which the right questions are asked, and the available information is compiled to form a common picture.

Since new competencies are often required for the implementation of a strategy, he supports clients in planning the necessary competence development and actively supports this as a trainer and coach.

One focus of his expertise is the Chinese market. He started his first consulting projects for European organizations during his studies in Beijing, a good 30 years ago. Since then, this fascinating country has never let him go. He is convinced that many developments there must be viewed critically, but that European companies could also learn a lot from China.

As a strategy consultant, trainer and coach, his mission is to support clients in developing their own skills and thereby successfully prepare for the future.

And by the way:

  • He loves to be in foreign cultures

  • He is always open for new things

  • You can also have philosophical discussions about the meaning of life with him

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  • Designing, optimizing and facilitating strategy processes

  • Supporting market entry and market development strategies in China

  • Carrying out team development programs Europe-China

  • Designing programs for management development

  • Conducting management seminars

  • Management coaching


  • Involvement in numerous strategy processes worldwide including the strategy implementation

  • Development of China strategies for European companies

  • Implementation of seminars for Chinese managers or mixed teams

  • Design and implementation of numerous management development programs

  • Ph.D. in economics and Chinese studies

Project Experience

  • ABB

  • Amprion

  • Deutsche Post

  • EKZ

  • GEA

  • Omicron

  • Possehl

  • Rieter

  • Siemens

  • Swica

  • Victoria Versicherung

  • ZF Friedrichshafen

  • uvm