Dr. Gunter Nittbaur

Utilizing the collective genius of the organization to effectively achieve results

Gunter has been working in strategic and organizational consulting for more than twenty years. In over 400 projects in all kind of industries around the globe he has seen again and again that the best solutions for complex issues are already in existence in an organization but are dispersed among many different smart brains across all functions and levels. This is why Gunter often chooses to work with large and diverse groups of executives and specialists, ranging from 5 to 500 members. By designing systemic and holistic processes that start with the question “what is our true purpose?” all the way to reaching ambitious and measurable results, he manages to achieve a maximum of consensus and commitment for change throughout the organization. Gunter is a highly experienced and excellent facilitator who truly inspires his audience and regularly receives feedback from attendants like “this was the best workshop I ever attended in my life”. He prefers to tell managers what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear and is very outspoken when it comes to addressing the root causes of symptoms he observes. His sound education in cybernetics and systemic thinking helps him to very effectively identify the most pressing shortfalls and to develop concise and customized solutions. His clients would state that he addresses challenges very precisely, works very reliably and that he mixes his professionalism with a generous dash of humor and empathy.

In his private life Gunter likes the extremes. From long and adventurous journeys with his wife and two children to remote destinations, mountaineering and underwater expeditions all the way to large events in his local garden. A typical working week consists of anything between 2 and 90 hours, not least depending on wind and weather conditions at Lake Constance in Germany which he calls home.

And by the way:

  • While his time management in workshops comes on the dot, he plans road trips with his family rather in weeks

  • He prefers steep skiing slopes to steep careers

  • He can give skiing lessons in Japanese and runs the Marathon in 2:48 (at least he did once)

  • His Burgers are legendary and said to be the best in all southern Germany

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  • Designing of end-to-end processes in strategy and organization development

  • Development and implementation of workshops with groups between 5 and 500 participants and a duration of 0.5 to 5 days

  • Training and coaching in Management Cybernetics and the Viable System Model

  • Realization of large change management programs globally and in various cultural environments and languages

  • Utilization of digital applications for the deduction and implementation of concrete targets from the overall corporate strategic ambitions

  • Conflict moderation also in demanding situations

  • Razor-sharp diagnostics also in diffuse situations and with unclear targets.


    • Journey round the world after graduating from High School and doing civilian service in a children´s hospital.
  • Academic studies of public administration and doctoral thesis on strategic management

  • Laureate of the KölnMesse-Preis of Cologne trade and exhibition center

  • Working for eight years as consultant at Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen, last position as chairman of the management for Team Syntegrity Europe AG

  • Foundation and successful establishment of two consulting companies

  • Implementation of a global sales program for a German blue chip company

  • Development of highly effective large group workshop designs

  • Companionship and coaching of companies for over a decade from the start-up phase all the way to an international corporation

Project experiences

  • BASF

  • Deutsche Post

  • Zurich Versicherung

  • Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften

  • Volks- und Raiffesenbanken

  • Sparda-Banken

  • PSD-Banken

  • Expertsuisse

  • Huhtamaki

  • Logicdata

  • Bertrandt

  • Köhler Papier

  • IDG Verlagsgruppe

  • Haufe Verlag

  • AKRO

  • SAP

  • BioForce

  • Profi AG

  • Schweizerisches Fernsehen