Gabriele Novosel

Never give up – “Doesn’t work, doesn’t exist, it just works differently!”

For 25 years Gabriele has been successfully acting in various functions and roles, so that people in organizations can make their contribution to the whole, organizations can efficiently and effectively fulfill their purpose so that both can achieve the desired benefit based on a viable sustainable future strategy.

The only constant in life is change. Agility, focus, integrity, attitude, order & chaos are central principles building the core of what she does as a passionate organizational and personnel developer, strategy expert, trainer, coach, mediator, moderator and entrepreneur.

Learning to understand how systems are working, observing and describing them and their relevant environment, deriving behavior, accompanying people in identifying but also leaving their comfort zone in order to enable sustainable, goal-oriented further development – these are just a few procedures, Gabriele is acting and advising to help their systems to achieve their goals. Often quoted and proven: She is sometimes uncomfortable, but extremely effective!

And by the way:

  • There is so much to discover, to understand and to learn – curiosity and perseverance are her eternal drive. Keep on moving!

  • The stage is her elixir of life: No matter what life brings on – we decide what role we want to play. Think positive!

  • Her spirit of life is diversity. Whether tough in business, insightful in coaching, relaxed playing piano, balanced while exercising, delighted while cooking … diversified!


  • Develop agile, efficient and functional organizational models

  • Change management and business modelling based on due diligence

  • Making people effective in their organisational roles – through human resources development, executive and team coaching

  • Moderation, mediation, conflict & stakeholder management

  • Making remote teams successful

  • Instructive and entertaining trainings and seminars – on-site and online concepts

  • Interim management of companies, member of management boards

  • Analyses and due-diligence for urban development projects


  • Development of start-ups and new business models in various areas such as banking, trade, consulting, residential construction, aviation, gastronomy, etc.

  • Establishment of an international Direct Bank as well as the Customer Service Centre (COO)

  • Implementation of business processes and quality standards in a German-Romanian construction equipment company

  • Accompanying numerous strategy development processes for the modern and agile development/process of various organizational forms

  • Design and implementation of innovative executive development programs

  • Design, development and introduction of a Master’s programme for leadership at an Austrian University (MSc)

  • Studies in Economics/Business Management

  • University course: Mediation & conflict settlement, systemic c

Project Experiences

  • Market leader/S-DAX companies in the consumer electronics sector

  • Banks, financial services industry

  • International companies for plants in engineering, oil and gas sector

  • International investor groups

  • Private foundations

  • Builders/Real estate developers, architects

  • Pharmaceutical sector

  • Public sector

  • Many more…