Hans Stoisser

Beyond corporate boundaries

Hans pairs a strong background in economics/international relations and management thinking with sensitivity to the specific situation.

Hans has a rare talent for listening to what is actually being said and supporting organizations to responsibly address their needs. This applies to conducting management trainings and consultancy in Germany, Austria, Brazil, South Africa and other countries, as much as supporting a provincial government in Mozambique to build infrastructure and managing a European furniture manufacturing company. He is the founder of ECOTEC, an institutional infrastructure company with a record of successful international projects since the 1990s.

While not avoiding big interventions, he recognizes the power of small ones to leverage transformation. From his home base in Vienna, he writes about management and emerging markets in Africa.

And by the way:

  • For Hans, understanding the viability of systems is an essential contribution to human development

  • His passion for sailing has honed his navigation skills and informed his leadership approach

  • His book «Der schwarze Tiger – Was wir von Afrika lernen können» was on the Amazon bestseller list when it was published


  • Design and facilitation of virtual workshops, webinars, face-to-face workshops and seminars

  • Business model development

  • Strategy and organizational development

  • Project management

  • Management training in different cultures and languages


  • Studies in economics

  • Managed a furniture manufacturing company for ten years

  • Lived and worked in Portuguese speaking countries

  • Content Associate Management 3.0

  • Associate Peter Drucker Society Europe

  • Successfully invested in startups


  • Smurfit Kappa, Germany

  • Volkswagen, Germany

  • Toll Collect, Germany

  • Uniqa, Austria

  • City of Tulln, Austria

  • City of Marromeu, Mozambique

  • City of Dondo, Mozambique

  • Alfred Nzo District Administration South Africa

  • Rift Valley Holding, Zimbabwe

  • Andritz, Brazil

  • Melitta, Brazil

  • Many medium-sized and smaller companies and non-profit organizations