Wolfgang Lassl

Getting to the point – Gaining clarity – Becoming effective together

What matters really? Wolfgang Lassl devotes all his energy to finding this point, which can change many things and make people and organizations effective in a complex world. He has over 20 years of consulting experience in numerous industries and regions. The focus of his work is on the development of strategies, organizations and leadership teams.

Profoundness, thoroughness, as well as sensitivity for the human side of an organization are essential consulting qualities for him. Therefore, you will look in vain for management fads and buzzwords. Instead, you will find plenty of pragmatism with a drive for targets coupled with the necessary sensitivity for subtle differences.

He is particularly dedicated to the viability and effectiveness of organizations and has written several scientific books and articles on Stafford Beer’s Viable System Model. For him, a sound theoretical foundation is an indispensable prerequisite for making the right decisions in a complex world. As Chief Strategy Officer and member of the Program Committee of the Drucker Forum, he shapes the content of this global management forum (www.druckerforum.org) with thought leaders in the management field.

His clients appreciate his structured, goal-oriented and efficient work in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere. Mediating between opposites and finding a common denominator without losing face is the goal of his work because “only those who can look themselves and others in the face have a clear view of the future.”

And by the way:

  • Wolfgang is at home in the world: so far, he has lived and worked in a new country every five years.

  • He loves systems theory and philosophical conversations.

  • He is happily married with two studying children

  • He seeks relaxation while jogging, skiing or having interesting conversations in Vienna’s numerous coffee houses.


  • Developing and reviewing strategies

  • Diagnosis and design/change of organizations

  • VSM based diagnoses

  • Project management

  • Cost-cutting and efficiency projects

  • Large group (alignment) workshops

  • Team development

  • Leadership coaching


  • Founding the Qwinnt Management Institutes

  • Chief Strategy Officer of the Peter Drucker Forum

  • Author of three books on the Viable System Model by Stafford Beer and several articles

  • Management consultant for various international consultancies such as the Malik Managementzentrum St. Gallen

  • Studies in theology, international relations, and organizational studies in Austria, France, USA, and Canada

Project Experiences

  • Energy

  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

  • Wholesale

  • Banks

  • Paper

  • Media

  • Airlines

  • Automotive

  • Food

  • Construction

  • Real Estate

  • Public Sector