Driving Change – Organizational Culture

Putting people at the centre of change 

In our competitive markets, where it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate oneself through products and services, culture plays a crucial role. A strong corporate culture is expressed externally in the way customers are dealt with. Culture is also an essential cost factor because in every organization, good leadership and constructive cooperation increase efficiency and reduce internal friction. 

We support and accompany whole organizations, teams and the individual leaders involved in important transformation projects including reorganization, company mergers or strategy implementation. Together we create roadmaps for change, effective communication concepts and workshop formats, which move your workforce forwards. We help you to build the necessary skills and to design and guide successful change projects.

How we help

  • Assessment of the essential requirements for the implementation of your change projects. 

  • Establishing a binding change roadmap and empowering change agents to actively support the change process. 

  • Reviewing and strengthening the “changeability” of managers and key employees. 

  • Setting up effective change monitoring using state-of-the-art digital tools.

  • Culture development using proven tools and concepts (e.g. Grey2green, Persolog, EnergyFactors).