Motivation and profitability through meaning

Many employees and managers in companies feel far removed from the actual purpose of their organisation. In a typical organisation, only about every third person recognizes the value that he or she gives, and everyone else often lacks a clear answer to the question of “why?”. The management, in turn, focuses too often on balance sheet goals and regards a mission statement as an optional addition to the existing strategy or even as a superfluous “ornament”.

A strategy can only be the answer to how the company’s long-term goals can be implemented, which in turn can only be derived from a clear purpose that is different from that of the competition. Not surprisingly, there is strong evidence of a direct connection between a clearly formulated and implemented corporate purpose, economic success and the attractiveness of employee branding.

How we help:

  • Support in the formulation of purpose, mission statement and vision in cooperation with the management and employees. 

  • Design of the overall process of operationalizing the mission statement down to the level of team or individual goals. 

  • Ensuring effective communication and establishment in the organizational culture. 

  • Enabling visible leadership, manageable complexity and improved cross-departmental collaboration. 

  • Quantifying the economic effects of the company’s purpose and vision and linking long-term goals with individual contributions.