by Helmut Haimerl

The increasing dynamics (e.g. pandemic) and complexity (e.g. digitalization) in the business environment are changing the rules of the game for managers. Existing business has to be optimized, new business models have to be developed. The demands are constantly increasing.

How do managers deal with the increasing pressure to act and the new rules of the game? What strategies do they use to be effective in turbulent times?

Existing studies hardly offer any orientation in this regard. Often, individual aspects such as agility are considered, and the systemic context is lost. In contrast, the St. Gall Management Barometer examines the “opportunities and challenges facing companies” from the perspective of those who act:

1. Which influences have a particularly strong impact on the respective business? Are these more current developments or long-term trends such as digitization and sustainability?
2. How do managers address these challenges and which measures do they consider to be particularly effective? Are managers building up new potential for success or just safeguarding existing ones?
3. What about structures that are capable of action and reaction? Do the companies really focus on what the customer pays for?
4. Shared ideas about goals, strategies or values are of central importance for successful implementation. In this sense, is the culture focused on performance and effectiveness? Or is there a gap here between the 1st management level and middle management?The aim of the study is to analyze general management in German-speaking countries across all sectors. With this, Management Experts St. Gallen puts the contribution of effective management to successful corporate leadership in the spotlight.

Your individual assessments are very important to us. Take part in the St. Gallen Management Barometer via this link and answer the questions in about 10 minutes. We will, of course, treat your information with absolute confidentiality. First results of the pretest indicate exciting insights.

As a thank you, you will receive a summary of the results and an invitation to a free presentation event. In addition, we will prepare special industry-specific evaluations for you.